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[System Work]   
Gen Pure System + Deodorization/sterilization + Treatment of soil on the bottom of the lake


※ Connect contaminated water to  GenPure

① Primary treatment with organic acid water treatment agent

② Remove congestive particles using filter (non filter-without a filter particles as big as 0.4㎛ will go t


③ Complete water purification using R/O

④ After drying the sludge from the water treatment process, it can be used as compost or as a comp

    ost supplement

※ Smart Vision Technology
 - Organic acid water treatment agent
 - Filter : Typical equipment filter must be changed regularly. However, in our headquarters, 

    mainten  ance takes longer due to less load being put on R/O from the lack of filter
 - R/O : Unlike your typical horizontal R/O, its vertical design allows it to take up less space and 

     allows it to be more efficient
 - Drying Unit : Unlike your typical sludge dehydration unit, it’s more fuel efficient (only uses 1/3 fuel)  

case 01 / Brigonga river water test

case 02 / Gulshan lake water test


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